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How to Change Your Blogger Admin Email Without Losing Your Blog
Some time ago, i wanted to change the admin email of my blog, in the
process, i made a very big mistake. When i added the second email, i
thought it was all done, i went ahead and deleted the first email
account while it was still my admin email. And the repercussion, i
lost access to that blog.
I know some people may be in the same situation. It may be that you
have a Gmail account and hope to create a new Gmail address or you
just want to transfer your blog to another email address probably
because you don't like the present admin email. You must take care to
do it so that you will not regret your actions later. Never delete an
email account when it is still your admin email. By doing so you will
inadvertently delete your blog and that is nearly impossible to

Transferring your Blogger blog from one gmail / email account to
another is a very simple process if you do it correctly.

To transfer your Blogger / Blogspot blog to a new email address,
follow these simple steps correctly:

1. Sign into your current Gmail account, i mean your admin email, the
one you use to sign in to your blog.

2. From your dashboard, select Customize > Settings> Permissions>

3. Then select "Add Author."

4. Add the new Gmail account as an author.

5. Sign out of Blogger and Gmail.

6. Sign into your new Gmail account.

7. You will receive a message of invitation to be an author. Accept
the authorship to your blog.

8. Sign back into the first (admin) account.

9. Go back to Customize> Settings> Permissions.

10. Grant your new email address Admin Privilege. This will give both
email addresses equal blogging control.
You can now log in with your new admin email and control your blog with it.

Now, if you wanted to delete the old email, take the following steps:

1. From your dashboard, select Customize > Settings> Permissions>

2. Then clicking "remove". This dissociates the email from your blog.

Once you have severed the relationship between the email and your
blog, your Gmail account can now be safely removed without losing your

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