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Welcome to Girly Girl Life Style,

I' m so excited, about all the information I get to basically give you for free. I am heading to my 50s', and have been involved with hair all of my life, I came out of high school with my beauticians license but, was working for the City of Tulsa but, did hair, made cloths, and styled some of my friends and family. 

After becoming injured, and suffering from non-stop allergic reactions to something.  I essentially became a guru of sorts on how to completely get rid of the need for steroids in my medication; which moved me on to other healthy things to do for over all health.

Girly Girl Life Style is a jump off of Coily Curly Girly Girl; meaning that I will be bringing you information, via request, and a need to know basis. So feel free to hit me up as it relates to any questions on hair, skin, nails, and over all health. I will also be talking about healthy eating habits, and things that affect, center around and assist women to a beautiful life style.


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A woman is not defined by who, what or why you think she is~

Hi, this is Nedra and I just wanted to thank you for coming by~  I have been transitioning into natural hair, now for going on 7 months and I am falling in love with my coil, however it's been a tough road, I'm wearing a lot of protective styles but, I plan on getting all the secrets, clues, tips & information from other naturals I like.  However, I will be bringing more info on my life style and what I have learned over the course of just about fifty years.

I am defining myself, I suggest that you as a woman, do the same.  I have been approached, texted, emailed, and IM'd questions about certain things I do, because of what I call, "self preservation, lol" along with the wisdom of God of which to me is simply living as humbly as possible, studying everything, being open-minded, prayer for guidance in all things, and simply doing it.  Feel free to hit me up with any request and I will do the research and get back to you or post about it.  Love ya and there isn't a thing you can do about that~

                                                       Me in 2009 when I moved to Texas
                                                                Me as of 3/28/2016

I desire a pleasant, comfortable, and peaceful life style. I rise everyday grateful, thankful and blessed.
 Love yourself first, but God intended for us to pray, love with care & concern, and help each other

My hope is to share the lifestyle I strive for and the complete health & welfare of your family and self

Now I guess it's time to get to work.
Disclaimer:  This blog is being redone and new information add periodically.  Thanks for coming by.

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