All Things Black Hair

              A list of Black Hair sites, blogs etc.
African Hair Online
A website developed as a resource for African American hair. The site is full of articles, reviews, galleries, and even a forum.

African Wonders
Based in Los Angeles, this haircare treatment line is developed specifically for curly and black hair with the finest botanical ingredients found throughout the world.

Afro Care
This company in the UK provides hair extensions, accessories, extension care, etc for African-English men, women and kids.

Website dedicated to promoting healthy hair by providing centralized access to hair care services, hair care products & hair styling information.

All Braiding
This company based in Oakland California produces a web site about hair braiding. It features unique hair styles, salons, how-to’s, treatment and removal, goods and services, and more.

American Health and Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI)
An internationally renowned trade association representing the world's leading Black-owned companies that manufacture ethnic hair care and beauty related products featuring the Proud Lady Symbol.

Based in Memphis, Tennessee this company has been a forerunner in African American hair care for over 50 years. They develop 22 hair care products - including shampoos and conditioners.

Assensual Hair and Beauty
Hair and beauty supplies for African American men and women, as well as links to other hair care sites.

Beautiful Braids
This beauty supply store based in California sells a product called The Finale Braid Sealer - a unique hair tool that allows users to heat-seal braid ends.

Bella Beauty Supply
This online hair supply store sells wigs, weaves, braids, ponytail hair styles and black hair care products to improve women's hair.

Black Beauty and Hair Magazine
Website for the popular African American hair magazine. Offers articles, gallery, hair care, and a whole lot more.

Black Hair: The Korean Takeover
This documentary by Aron Ranen reveals how the African American hair industry is shockingly controlled and dominated by Koreans.

Black Hair Media
Hair care and beauty information for women of color. Gives beauty tips, a salon directory, and lots more.

Black Hair Planet
Your complete black hair directory. There are a vast amount of black hair categories, all in one site.

Black Hair Project
“The Black Hair Project is taking positive actions that will make a difference in our communities, with black manufacturers, distributors, salons and barbers.”

Black Hair Talk
A website based forum where African Americans can talk about hair care issues, challenges, product reviews, etc.

Black Owned Beauty Supply Association (BOBSA)
This organization has the mission of establishing more Black-owned beauty supply stores nationally and internationally. They also promote education about the industry through scholarships.

Braids By Breslin
Founded by professional hair braider Marquetta Breslin, this is the #1 website on the internet for hair braids, weaves, and black hair!

Bronner Bros.
A family-owned company that produces various Black hair products, Upscale Magazine, and Bronner Bros. International Hair Show. This company is one of the largest black haircare companies, and one of the oldest.

Especially Yours
Popular catalog and online shopping portal for African American women. The company sells quality wigs, such as the Patti Labelle Collection. They also sell hats, handbags, and dresses.

Based on a book by author Mireille Liong-A-Kong, this website is designed to celebrate the journey of going back to your roots. This website contains inspiring pictures and stories.

Good Hair
This website provides styles and hair talk. It also offers a free ezine with feature articles and interviews each month.

His and Her Hair
Only the highest quality hair extensions are sold on Human hair, clip in, curly, straight, skin weft and more to meet your hair extension needs all on one site.

Hype Hair
The biggest hair magazine for women of color. Through the site you can find a salon and take part in the forum.

Jazma Hair Inc
This influential black hair salon in Canada uses innovative styling techniques, and has received high ratings from Essence Magazine.

Locks and Links
Articles, tips and information on black hair care, black hair styles and the black hair care industry.

Luster Products
This company is the leading African-American owned and operated manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people of African descent worldwide.

A professional line of black hair care products that uses advanced moisture technology to revitalize dry and damaged hair. Their products are particularly for African American women.

Nappturality is your resource for the style and beauty of Natural Black Hair. You can find photographs, journals, websites, forums, information and links about the care, maintenance and politics of natural hair.

Natural Epiphany Brand Products
A black owned and operated hair and skin care company that specializes in natural Hair and skin care treatment. Their products cater to hair that's "hot and hair that's not".

Natural Hair Digest
A popular e-zine and web resource dedicated to the natural hair for African Americans. It showcases various websites and talents of salons and black hair stylists.

Naturally Solid Gold Magazine
This publication offer exclusive hair photos and hairstyle tips. They are well-known and respected in the industry for their color and uniqueness of their hair designs.

Naturally You! Magazine
The website of Naturally You! Magazine. Find articles, stylists, salons, and a whole lot more, all in this site.

Our Hair
Offers you shortcuts and suggestions to make your hair look its best while leaving you plenty of time to take care of those important people and issues in your life.

Revolution Health
Provides information on daily hair care, scalp problems, hair problems, and many articles for you to get informed.

Salon Sense Magazine
Salon Sense Magazine’s website, offering a lot of information that you can and cannot get with the magazine.

Salons of America
An extensive directory of all the black-owned hair salons, barbershops, and nail salons. Also, features photos and reviews of the latest hair styles.

Sizta 2 Sizta
The mission of this site is to equip black women with good and accurate information on black hair care, along with a whole lot more

Sophisticate’s Black Hair Style and Guide
Whether you have a subscription to this magazine or not, this is a great site for some great information.

Texas Beauty Supply Magazines/Hairbooks
Whether you own a beauty salon or just like to have some mags with various hairstyles, here is a variety to choose from.

Treasured Locks
Black hair care tips, styles, and frequently asked questions. This site is full of information on getting your hair in tip-top shape.

Ultra Black Hair Products
This web site sells black hair supplies and publications. Based in Denver Colorado, this company is a leading resource in the black hair industry.

Universal Salons
A great site to come to if you are looking for a new hair style or a salon. They also have a forum with more great information.

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